katharades beach

Katharades beach

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Our Ostria Beach Diving Resort is here, just 15 meters away from Katharades beach. Dive site is divided in two parts: Left part has a maximum depth of 6 meters and it’s perfect for people who try diving for the first time.The right part has a maximum depth of 7 meters and this is ideal for OW divers, newly certified diver, courses or refreshers who just want to be back in the game.

All typical mediterranean life is found here in relatively big schools. Seabreams, small Scorpionfishes, Combers, Wrasses and Mullets are always here.

Katharades Beach Details

  • Site Type: Beach dive, Reef
  • Minimum Level: OW
  • Depth MAX: 7m
  • Temp: 18-28 oC
  • Visibility: 20-30m
  • Currents: Light